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safety weekThis time each year we get 10’s of 1000’s of extra hits each day for search terms like “Safety Slogans in Hindi”, “Hindi Safety Posters” and “Unsafe Photos”.  This is due to the lead up to National Safety Week in India. The objectives and suggested activities make for interesting reading, not sure we will ever see safety plays and musicals on one of our construction sites??? . Info from National Safety Council India

 45th National Safety Day/National Safety Week Campaign – Commencing from 4th March 2016

45 वें राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा दिवस / राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा सप्ताह अभियान 
45 Vēṁ rāṣṭrīya surakṣā divasa/ rāṣṭrīya surakṣā saptāha abhiyāna 



The idea of commemorating the Foundation Day of the Council, 4th March; and the first National Safety Day (NSD) Campaign was launched in 1972 and has since been organised every year. The Campaign now entering its 45th year, has grown into a major national campaign widely celebrated by industry, trade unions, govt. departments, regulatory agencies, NGOs and institutions with the active support of the Central and State Governments and media. It has made impact on the industrial scenario at the national level by contributing to increased safety awareness and reduction in accidents. Started for a single day on 4th March as NSD, the Campaign has now been spread over a week from 4-11 March.


  1. Ensure that safety and health are integrated in work culture and life style.
  2. Renew the commitment of the employees towards safety and health at workplace.
  3. Achieve greater participation of the employees in OSH activities.


  1. Achieve the greatest participation of the employees.
  2. Tap local talents in your factory for the celebration.
  3. Stress on the OSH needs of your unit.
  4. Identify and highlight local OSH issues.
  5. Distribute OSH promotional material amongst the employees.


In order to make the celebration a success, the preparations are required to be started quite in advance. Some of the suggested activities during the NSD/W are :

At Workplace

  • Administration of Safety & Health Pledge by the employees led by the topmost executive. The model text of the Safety & Health Pledge designed, developed and distributed by the NSC is shown below.
  • Unfurling of the NSD Flag.
  • Pinning of the NSD Badge on employees.
  • Displaying Safety Day Banners at strategic locations in the units.
  • Safety message by Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer to all employees.
  • Safety competitions – Essay, Slogans, Posters, Housekeeping, Safety performance etc.
  • Safety suggestion schemes.
  • Safety exhibitions.
  • One-act play/drama, songs, quawalis etc.
  • Training Programmes/Workshops/Seminars etc.
  • Screening of Safety films in unit/employee colonies.
  • Practical demonstrations on use of PPEs, Fire Fighting, rescue etc.
  • Organising emergency drills.
  • Displaying of Safety Posters at prominent locations in the unit.
  • Holding award functions Safety suggestions, performance etc.
  • Lecture sessions by eminent guest speakers in the field.
  • Community Awareness Programmes.
  • Printing safety slogans on company stationary, say, pay packets.
  • Holding meetings to analyse past accidents and suggested actions.
  • Safety slogan on dial tone of telephone and intercom.
  • Safety Procession within the unit.
  • Art competitions by families of employees such as Rangoli Competition.

Outside Workplace :

  • Pinning Safety Badges on VIPs.
  • Advertisement of Safety on local T.V. channel and local newspapers.
  • Writing articles on importance of safety in local newspapers.
  • Display of banners at strategic locations in the city/town.
  • Workshop/Seminars.
  • Contractor Safety Programmes
  • Consumer/Customer product safety awareness programmes.




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